Adios, Andes!

Only a few more days here in idyllic Vilcabamba, Ecuador.  We are taking walks every day making sure we haven’t missed anything!

We had an amazing two days at Copalinga Lodge in Zamora. It was devoted to birding which hasn’t been the case on any of our other adventures.. not complaining.  Here are a few of the great birds we saw.

Blue-necked Tanager

blog vilcabamba-28

Golden-eared Tanager

blog vilcabamba-27

Orange-eared Tanager

blog vilcabamba-26

Red-crested Finch

blog vilcabamba-24

Chestnut-bellied Seed-Finch

Finch chestnut

The hummers were out of this world!




… and a butterfly.. common name is 89-98 Butterfly.. note the number 89 on this side.. guess what is on the other side? Yep!

blog vilcabamba-25

More on my series on gates…

Blog Vilcabamba-11

Blog Vilcabamba-9

I won’t be climbing over this one.. I guess that was the point(s).

Blog Vilcabamba-10

The gate with no fence or wall… hmm…

Blog Vilcabamba-4

Some of the reasons you may have to leave the sidewalk in favour of the road….

Blog Vilcabamba-15

Blog Vilcabamba-18

Blog Vilcabamba-22

Blog Vilcabamba-21

Random sights on our morning walks …

A lovely bunch of coconuts!

Blog Vilcabamba-16

We not only have bananas, we have banana bread. We have had vendors come on the long distance buses selling banana bread…and yes, we bought some.Blog Vilcabamba-13

“The herb of life”… hint: it will be legal in Canada in July.Blog Vilcabamba-19

This a barred entrance to a school. I often see parents and grandparents at the door taking to their children/grandchildren at recess. Blog Vilcabamba-23

Just because I love the colours!!Blog Vilcabamba-12

I wouldn’t advise stepping in that trickling ‘water’… it isn’t from the animal. This is the entrance road to the nature reserve we hike in, Rumi Wilco.Blog Vilcabamba-17


Blog Vilcabamba-5

Those wall murals don’t paint themselves you know.

Blog Vilcabamba-20

Lots of liars’ benches around the town. 🙂Blog Vilcabamba

DH being sized up.Blog Vilcabamba-6

Light from within…Blog Vilcabamba-7

Raindrops on a banana leafRain drops

Lastly, an early morning shot of the clouds hanging on the mountains outside our casa.

tones of place

Until next time… Pura Vida!!

3 comments on “Adios, Andes!

  1. Jessie Geddes says:

    Thanks Sis and hope for a good trip home. Just send a quick text to let me know your home.

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. Wendy says:

    Beautiful pictures again, safe travels.

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