Loja In The Rain

Seven thirty this morning saw us hoofing it down the hill (we are either going uphill or downhill here… that mountain scenery comes with a fitness perk) to the bus terminus to fork over $1.25 each for an hour and a quarter trip to the city of Loja. We scored front seats (love being able to see out the front window and so does my tummy) and there were only three other people on the bus as we pulled onto the road… and then the pick ups started. Before long every seat was filled and the aisle was packed. I had an interesting choice to make. I  could look out the side window and risk motion sickness or stare straight ahead to the guy standing in front of me… to the area of his clothing that has a zipper and I don’t mean his jacket.  Let’s just say no gravol was needed.

We tried to get a city tour bus to no avail. There was a ‘back in 15 min.’ sign on the office all morning. No problem, we just walked around and took in the sights. There were lovely parks, a market, a zillion North American type clothing and shoe stores, streets being torn up, two rivers running through the city and lots of people. We like cities in small doses so we headed back to our mountain retreat at noon.

Enjoyed this colourful street of little shops.

Loja today-12

Loja today-13


A green space on the right and beautiful old, well kept buildings on the left.

Loja today-4

The ever present cell phone.

Loja today-9

A stylish young woman.

Loja today-10

Striding out..  I often like my street photos to be black and white but there was SO much colour that grabbed my attention.

Loja today-11

Loja today-3

Loja today

Guess what product needs the most locks on the door!

Loja today-19

For my friend, Juergen, who buys locks by the dozen!

Loja today-14

Selling fruit by the river. It amazes me how patient the children are who come to work all day with their mothers.

Loja today-5

An accident… I was keeping my camera under my jacket to protect it from the rain and I accidentally took a pic of a sliver of the sidewalk and my foot…

Loja today-7

My favourite photo of the day… the textured wall, the determined stride and expression, the colour….

Loja today-6

At the bus station in Loja… don’t ask me.. haven’t a clue.. naked woman flying over the city, offering an olive branch, scaring male musicians???

Loja today-15

On our walk back to our apartment in Vilcabamba… multipurpose TV antenna?

Loja today-16

So little opportunity for clothes lines… barbed wire does the trick..no need of clothespins.

Loja today-17

DH in mid ascent to ‘home’… school kids getting a truck- taxi ride home from school.. and the fanciest stroller I have seen in Ecuador.

Loja today-18

Until next time…

Pura Vida!

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