The Valley of Longevity

Here we are in the Valley of Longevity. This town of Vilcabamba had a reputation of having an unusually high number of octogenarians. As researchers moved in and started..well.. researching… it seems that it actually has an unusually high number of people lying about their age!  Oh well, I am very happy to be spending March here 3000 ft. lower in altitude and in an apartment surrounded my mountains with a view out every window.. sigh. Oh, and birds and hiking… another sigh of contentment.

Yesterday was our first day of waking up to the mountain views so of course I ran around  taking pics…

DH searching for birds off the balcony before breakfast.. and he denies being a birder!

Vilcabamba day 1

Our digs….and views from our digs the first morning..

Vilcabamba day 1-4

Vilcabamba day 1-5

Vilcabamba day 1-2

Vilcabamba day 1-21

Vilcabamba day 1-8

The house next door has a driveway lined with poinsettia trees (shrubs?)

Vilcabamba day 1-3.jpg

A walk to town after breakfast…. 5 min. going down a long hill and 5 hrs. coming back with packs full of groceries. You can allow a little for exaggeration. These folks figured out a better way to take that hill!!

Vilcabamba day 1-9

If you are old and decrepit (worn out or ruined because of age or neglect), look out! I will take photos of you. You are safe for now because I found these doors….

Vilcabamba day 1-11

Vilcabamba day 1-19

A couple of those fictional octogenarians…

Vilcabamba day 1-18

What a lot of work went into this wall art..

Vilcabamba day 1-13

Coffee beans drying..

Vilcabamba day 1-10

Fresh juice heading your way…such entrepreneurs!

Vilcabamba day 1-12

Until next time…

Pura Vida!



6 comments on “The Valley of Longevity

  1. Linda Hall says:

    Great blog and pics.Donna!! I can feel your pain on that hill!!

  2. Hazel says:

    Such a glorious place, sis! You must be ecstatic! Mountain views, Ecuadorian birds, wall art AND old doors!!! You won’t want to come home. 😉

  3. Jessie Geddes says:

    Real nice pictures Donna. You guys should be happy there for a month. Have you heard from your friend in Peru. Did you get the note I sent about Shirley having another operation I put in a reply on John’s journal.

    Sent from my iPhone


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