Soaking Up The Last Days In Cuenca

As our days here in Cuenca draw to a close, we are soaking up the sights and doing all our ‘last time’ things. DH and I will be leaving on Thursday  to make our home base in  Vilcabamba, Ecuador, for the month of March. Leckie will be on her way to Peru. We had to change our plans to go with her when I couldn’t seem to shake my issues with altitude and although Machu Pichu is a lower altitude, most of the other places we would have been going are higher.  The good news is that I turned the corner this week and feel great but we will still head for lower ground in “the valley of longevity”.

Wishing happy 70th birthday to Leckie  today. The youngest 70 yr. old you will ever meet.. and she can read underwater!


One morning last week, DH went to pickleball and Leckie and I went ‘downtown’ and hung out taking photos and enjoying the hustle and bustle of the market area.

These men were waiting at the market unloading area and trucks bringing produce would pay them to unload.

out and about with Leckie-2

This woman unloaded the goods herself and then hired one of them to load a dolly and wheel it to her selling area. This bag on her back is full of carrots!! I reached for the Robaxacet just watching her!

out and about with Leckie-7

The market area is so colourful and interesting. The woman on the left is selling milk. She pours the amount the customer wants into a plastic bag and away they go.

out and about with Leckie-3

Crossing the street is an adventure that is not for the faint of  heart and a real challenge for the less than fleet of foot.

out and about with Leckie-5

out and about with Leckie-8

out and about with Leckie-9

Chickens ready to be sold…

out and about with Leckie-6

Around the market area…

out and about with Leckie-13

You refrigerate eggs?… chicken! Pun intended.

out and about with Leckie-11

It takes a village… mama strapping on baby while grandma holds all the baby ‘stuff’.

out and about with Leckie-12

Mama ‘cleans’ off apple that baby dropped on the sidewalk…c’mon folks.. 10 sec. rule! .. it’s fine!

out and about with Leckie-10

Lots of Volkswagens in Cuenca…

out and about with Leckie-17

Door to door milk delivery… remember that?

out and about with Leckie-24

A couple of Cuenca buildings…

out and about with Leckie-23

out and about with Leckie-30

So much wonderful wall art…

out and about with Leckie-26

out and about with Leckie-27out and about with Leckie-21

out and about with Leckie-22

Houston, we have a problem…

out and about with Leckie-29

Leckie buying street food. This was a fried, sugared dough. There is a bowl of chopped up boiled eggs beside the vendor but they did not factor into anything we saw.

out and about with Leckie-16

Love me some old doors!

out and about with Leckie-18

Pick up soccer match and a building with clouds flowing through it…

out and about with Leckie-28

Thank you….

out and about with Leckie-19

Look at the kindness etched on this face….

out and about with Leckie-14

Until next time….

Pura Vida!






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