Just Like Us

I have had the incredible opportunity to do a bit of world travel and by far the most memorable experiences for me have been interactions with the people of the country I am visiting. Bet  you thought I was going to say “the life birds I have found”!

The more cultures I experience the more I see our commonalities. As I see it, we are more alike in this world than we are different. There is no “they”. There is only “us”.

We are always treated with incredible kindness wherever we go. Well… with the possible exception of people behind the wheels of vehicles. What is it about that position that brings out the ‘evil twin’ in people? Even in the most laid back of countries that I have been in, kumbaya goes out the window of a vehicle! Here in Ecuador, stop signs are merely suggestions, seatbelts in cabs are tucked safely out of the way or are nonexistent. Sidewalks by crosswalks are places where pedestrians gather to watch cars and buses go by. If you venture out onto the street, you can hear the accelerators being rammed to the floor. I digress…..

Back to people just like “us”.  Kids love to play…

Just like us

Just like us-5

Just like us-8


Clothes have to be washed….

just like us-16


Calls to be made…

Just like us-10

When you have to go, you have to go……

Just like us-6.jpg

Young love….

Just like us-11

Earning a living…

Just like us-4



Delivering milk.. she has her regular customers, rings their doorbells and they show up with pots, bowls or plastic bags…. she scoops out some milk and pours it through a sieve into their containers. Just like me, these children are growing up on unpasteurized milk!

just like us-15



I just realized that I have only used photos of women earning a living but men work too… I think… just kidding … of course they do, I just have little photographic proof. Whew.. just found a pic of a man working. Safety first! You KNOW it is going to take a woman to straighten that mess out! Lol!

just like us-17

People everywhere have their own ways of expressing themselves creatively. There is a lot of wall art here in Cuenca.

Just like us-14

Just like us-13

Human kindness… today I rode on buses where young people get up and give you their seat ( a lot of respect for the elderly!). I actually had two people in cars hesitate long enough to give me a fighting chance to cross the street. A lady on the street by a market stopped to talk with me.. well more like at me while I smiled my biggest smile and nodded. .. I thought she might be scolding me but in the end she gave me a huge long hug and let me take her picture….life is good.

just like us-18

Until next time….

Pura Vida!


One comment on “Just Like Us

  1. Jessie Geddes says:

    Boy you guys will have lots of pictures and memories. Thanks for keeping me on your list. I have to write John a note for his news in his journal. Love ya

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