Protest to Protect Nature

First of all, you have been bullshitted  led astray by me in my last blog, purely unintentional… really… honest… cross my heart… oops… in danger of protesting too much.  We  have been given stories by airlines which were lies  less than truthful. We were told by American Airlines and Expedia that the West Jet flight from Boston to Halifax is no longer in existence and that Latam Airlines now had control of our tickets and they (Expedia and American Airlines) couldn’t help us. Latam office said they couldn’t help us, it was up to American Airlines… and around and around we (royal we… actually DH) went.  Today when DH got a hold of Expedia for the umpteenth time, they were able to give us our new itinerary which gets us all the way home and guess friggin’ what??? !! It is almost identical to our original one, including West Jet from Boston to Halifax… the miracle reappearing flight! To trust or not to trust… hmmmm…… “We” got this done without our own phone which we had been told by the airlines and Expedia was impossible. We actually brought our cell phones but have no calling plan. We just use them to play games on in the middle of the night instead of worrying about flights home… well that is just me.   We went out the other day to get a SIM card and were sent from place to place. We finally gave up in favour of manana and manana is yet to come.

On the route to the phone/computer station business….blog-7

There are probably more taxis on the streets than any other vehicles. They all beep as they drive by at break neck speed and the several that we managed to stop refused to take us but we hear they are very cheap… $2.50 for just about anywhere in the city. It seems you have to be going the direction the cab is facing.. no turning around for YOU! We will get the hang of it at some point… maybe…  We are becoming expert bus warriors.


Where DH has been hanging out… note the medication by the phone… indication of his frustration level. Lol! Not really… he emptied his pockets to find hearing aid batteries. We don’t know if it is the elevation or what but he is blowing through them at an alarming rate.


So this particular time took and hour or more and being easily bored  a creative genius, I started shooting photos of the courtyard open to the phone booth, ceiling mold, bano door, funky window, etc.





Glad I didn’t have to use the bano… not sure I could have cracked the code!



We finally left the swanky phone place and met Leckie at Parc de Calderon. We saw heated passionate speakers on a loudspeaker, cheering people, protest signs, etc. So what are you advised to do when in a new to you country and come across a demonstration with armored police… well, head into the fray with camera ready, of course. Shhh… don’t tell our families!


Love the two ‘women of a certain age’, one in traditional dress and one not, joined together to protest mining at the expense of preserving nature… at least that is what our vast knowledge of Spanish led us to believe. Go ahead and protest my translation of the protest if you must.



Ecuador loves life   mining. He spotted my camera and walked over for me to get a good shot. Gracias, senor!


Next time a visit to a Panama hat making shop. Until then…..

Pura Vida!

2 comments on “Protest to Protect Nature

  1. Diane Irwin says:

    Great pics, Donna… Glad there are lots of mananas to get everything done! Enjoy…


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