It seems that I was wildly optimistic upon starting this blog a couple of years ago when I said it would be home and away ‘daily’ adventures. I have since come to some self awareness and realize that the only daily activities that I reliable do are biologically motivated ones!

I am away from home again and this seems to be the only time I blow the dust off and resurrect the blog.

DH ( darling or dearest husband for those of you in need of a refresher) and I just spent 6 days in our vehicle ( happy to report we are still speaking!) and arrived yesterday in Mission, Texas, a border town on the Mexico-Texas border. This is where I started birding 6 years ago and I can hardly wait to get out there chasing the exotic birds which turned me on to birding. It is raining and cold today ( I know, I know.. it’s not snow.. but after 3000 miles of driving, I want warmth!) I went for a walk in the rain this morning just around our RV park… oops, the hoity, toity owners want us to call it a resort not a park…. and my first bird sighting of 2016 was a White-tailed Kite. Great start to this year’s birding as I only saw a couple last year and none the year before! OK.. this is weird… just as I was writing this, a female Cardinal came up to my window and just kind  of hovered there flapping her wings and when I looked out I saw that she was one of three females and one male feeding on the ground. Yep.. they are coming to get me to come out and play… going to be a GREAT birding year!! 🙂

We are laying low today getting things in order on the home front so that it all can be ignored for the next three months while I bike, bird, and take photos and John will garden, play pickleball (don’t ask), and occasionally come birding with me.

An ‘open carry’ gun law came into effect here today so I expect to see people packing this year rather than just suspecting that they all are! Wondering if I will see guns and holsters… having visions of my childhood Annie Oakley gear!  I will keep you posted…

It is now a day later… further proving my blogging unreliability. It has poured rain all day and temps stayed in the low 40’s.. 4-7 Celsius.. sigh. Anyway, it was a good day to go buy DH a new wardrobe. It seems those garment bags all ready to go in our closet didn’t get to come to Texas this year… oops… sorry shirts, sorry shorts!

Look out birds.. I’ll be on the hunt tomorrow… you and me… Bentsen State Park….

A few pics taken through the window of our moving vehicle on our trip here.

Seeing the two Vultures sitting on this crumbling building reminded me of the old westerns when the cowboy (good guy) would be crawling on the sandy dessert, on his last legs, and the vultures ( or as they called them.. buzzards)  would start circling overhead… uh, oh..







I happily spend the great majority of my time in parks and countryside but this is the approach to our city… busy, busy, multi-lanes of traffic… ewww…..not this country girl’s cuppa…



Wishing everyone a happy, healthy 2016!

Pura Vida!



3 comments on “Resurrection

  1. Michael Vanessa Bass says:

    Hey! Great to get your blog back Donna. Enjoy the warmth when it comes and watch out for those packin’ Texans. Where exactly are you and what made you decide on the place? Vanessa

    • nonnathree03 says:

      Thank you, Vanessa! We are in Mission, Texas.. as far south as you can get in Texas. We came here for the first time 6 yrs. ago with my brother and his wife. He had heard from campers he had met in NS that this place is a popular spot for ‘snowbirds’ so we stopped here for a couple of months before heading to Arizona, Nevada, etc. I got hooked on the great birding and the warm (yep, it does get warm) weather so we have been coming back ever since. I was ready for a change last winter .. thus, Nicaragua. John wasn’t as enthralled with South America as I was and he got to choose this year… nuff said.. tee hee!

  2. Jessie Geddes says:

    Very well done Donna. Thanks for all the news and pictures. Weather here is pretty good(knock on wood) 4 today. Got to go and get sheets done and quick clean up as Dale and Bailey (her dog) have been here since Friday. Hope the weather soon gets better for you. All the best in 2016


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