Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

I went to a Poet’s Festival

How about you?

The week or so before we left Nicaragua there was an annual, week-long international poet’s festival. Poets from all over the world came to Granada and there were readings spread throughout the city including some every evening in the main square where hundreds of people, young and old, would gather to listen to the poets reading from their works. All this in a country where few even get to high school. It was an amazing event. If the truth be told (and that is all you ever get here. :-)) I didn’t last very long at the readings in Spanish or in some other language, then translated into Spanish.

One of the highlights of the week was a grand parade. I last a lot longer at parades than I do at Spanish poetry readings! The theme of this year’s parade was the death of violence against women which is portrayed here by the horse drawn funeral carriage which is still used here for regular funerals.  Look at those crocheted horse blankets!

blog tues2-28

This float in the parade would stop every little while and there would be a poetry reading…. everyone would listen and be respectful.

blog tues2-29blog tues2-25


…. then the raucousness would continue …

blog tues2-22 blog tues2-19 blog tues2-15 blog tues2-14 blog tues2-13 blog tues2-10

I have yet to figure out what some of these represent….money changers, cross carriers, witches….??????

Beautiful costumes and dancers….

blog tues2-26 blog tues2-23 blog tues2-21 blog tues2-11 blog tues2-9 blog tues2-8 blog tues2-7 blog tues2-6 blog tues2-3 blog tues2-4 blog tues2


It was sweltering hot and although this senorita had a fan she needed a cloth to mop her brow. I was shooting straight into the sun for the most part… difficult light and very hot but I couldn’t complain when I looked at these participants in full costume following a route of a couple of miles and often dancing to boot!

blog tues2-18

Some of the ‘paraders’ were pretty random!

blog tues2-16 blog tues2-27


And of course.. Fiesta.. BOOM, BOOM!!!!!!!!

blog tues2-24


School children watching from  jail  their classrooms…

blog tues2-32

Meanwhile back in Texas today… overcast.. sprinkling now and then. So I am using that as an excuse to be a sloth and knit and play on the computer with my big effort being the trying of  a new recipe for gluten-free flatbread…

blog tues-2


Stay warm and ….

Pura Vida!

One comment on “Roses Are Red, Violets Are Blue

  1. Jessie Geddes says:

    Thanks for your news and pictures Donna. Another storm coming tonight. Oh boy what a mess here. Can’t get out either back doors. Stay as long as you can. Edie has a very bad cold but went back to the Dr’s today and things are OK. She has been on antibiotics. She went to Peters weekend before last and has been there or Cathy’s ever since. They phoned first to see if she could stay out as her floor was shut down with the flu. Apparently it’s still on the floor so she won’t be going back yet. She’s at Peters again if you wanted to email her there Please give Donnie the latest Loves ya


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