Polo … Pip, Pip… And All That

Who’d a thunk it? My first ever attendance at a polo match occurred in Nicaragua! DH and Leckie found a place to play tennis.. the Jockey Club… and there they met Carlos who told them about polo being played there every week-end. So not wanting to miss out on any experience here, off we trotted 🙂 on Saturday.  You will notice a drastic difference in these horses from the ones used to transport people and goods around the streets.

polo blog-19 polo blog-18 polo blog-17

You will see in the next two photos why this made us think of very young children playing soccer….everyone running wherever the ball is!

polo blog-20 polo blog-21


The gentry observing the match….US minus the photographer with Carlos and friends..

polo blog-15 polo blog-14


Never too young..


polo blog-16

Tailgating… polo style



polo blog-22


Toyotas are the most popular vehicles of the polo participants and families.

polo blog-13


Leckie decided it was time to get a haircut and dropped into this unisex salon… note the look of trepidation. By request the ‘after’ shot will not be shown for a couple of weeks. 🙂

polo blog-2 polo blog-3


Hmmm… perhaps I should have asked permission before taking a photo of the gumball machine… sorry, Mr. Grumpy Policeman. This is a farmacia (pharmacy) where there often appear to be guards.

polo blog


Families often travel by bicycle on the busiest of streets. I am in awe of the skill they have in manipulating the bikes through the traffic although by the looks on these faces, it is not without stress! A family of four has been the highest number I have seen on one bike.


polo blog-7


Money changers are found all around the streets, especially in the banking areas. Note the large wads of cash. It amazes me that they stand there in perfect safety with bundles of money . I expect there is a part of the story that I don’t know! They give a better rate of exchange than the banks and this is perfectly legal. We always use them to get Cordobas. Our resident banker has told us that American cash is coveted and this is one way of getting possession of it. They don’t care about making a profit on the exchange.

polo blog-5 polo blog-6


Street vendors sell plastic bags full of liquid with straws. I have yet to determine what the liquid is. The sometimes neon colours lead me to believe that it is not organic orange juice. For the amount of  bags that I see being sold, there are not too many empties that end up underfoot.

polo blog-10

I will end with a pic of these gorgeous hairdresser/barber chairs…

polo blog-4

Pura Vida!


One comment on “Polo … Pip, Pip… And All That

  1. Jessie Geddes says:

    Another great news letter Thanks Wanted to let you know Edie was very happy to get your email she read it to us then told us about it the next day. She seen a lot of the pictures last weekend when she stayed at Petters and Claire’s. Good job your not in Texas by what Donnie reported about the weather When are you guys going to Texas?


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