Content Warning.. Swear Word!

I have not one but two “bastards”. My good birding friend, Lou-Anne, was in Africa last year for a few months and she had a rooster outside her window which woke her daily at some ungodly hour. She dubbed it the “bastard”. Well I have two ‘bastards’ outside my bedroom window and they start cock-a -doodle- dooing at 3:00 a.m. ….3:30 on a good morning. I have yet to get back to sleep after this serenade so I have decided to calmly accept my fate and adopt the afternoon siesta practice.  So,,, if I am ‘calmly’ accepting my fate, should I choose a less aggressive name for my morning alarms??  Hmmmm… I think I will keep it for now until I see how this calm thing works out!

I love to take photos of signs when I travel so here is the first one of this trip..

out and about day 3-20

I am amazed at the heavy loads Nicas carry on their shoulders and heads. No throwing it in the car for most people. Bicycles and feet are the main methods of transportation. The lucky ones have horses and carts.

out and about day 3-39 out and about day 3-38 out and about day 3-25 out and about day 3-12 out and about day 3-8 out and about day 3-7 out and about day 3-5

We were very interested to happen upon this funeral procession. The mourners walked behind the horse drawn carriage with the coffin inside. Even the horses had heads bowed looking very somber. Note the umbrellas which some were using for sun protection.

out and about day 3-36 out and about day 3-37


I think I will use this implement (machete) to take care of the mess I let my flower gardens get into this summer. Every job is done the hard way here. He was cutting grass, not attacking the flowers as my photo seems to indicate.:-)

out and about day 3-17


Speaking of doing things the hard way… this street construction was being done completely by hand!

out and about day 3-10

These guys were ‘city workers’ trying to knock down the fruit from the trees to keep them from falling on pedestrians  or at least that is how we interpreted the activity…

out and about day 3-11


The women often are seen wearing these very frilly aprons. I think I will pass on this fashion. 🙂

out and about day 3-9


Until next time…..

Pura Vida!

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