Monday, Monday.. So Good To Me…

Fairly lazy, soak  up the pre-Christmas atmosphere kind of week-end. DH and I are closing in on the jigsaw puzzle. We both are finding it addictive. We stroll over to it with the intention of only finding one piece and boom.. an hour has passed! Then I go to the computer just to check in and boom.. an hour has passed. Hmmm….  I may not be as productive as I like to think!

I have had it with using flax eggs in place of ‘real’ eggs! I just do not find them a suitable replacement so there will be times when I go off my plant based diet and baking will be one of them. It is enough that I am baking whatever it is without gluten flour and sugar, so eggs it is… organic, free-range.. but … EGGS!! There got that off my chest! 🙂

Starting to do a few concrete things for our Nicaraguan trip. Made granola, muffins, sweet potato ‘fudge’, and Lara bars today for  the drive to Florida. One of  these days soon, I will start packing but first things first. Tomorrow we are going to two Christmas concerts in Kingston… Quinn’s in the afternoon and Kenzie’s in the evening. Now that is fun stuff!!

It’s beginning to look festive in our household… actually as festive as it is going to get. I gotta take this stuff down in a couple of weeks and put the house to bed for the winter!

Monday blog-5 Monday blog-3 Monday blog


Don’t you just love a man in the kitchen??!!

Monday blog-6

COLD today but it made for some frosty, icy photos…

Monday blog-10 Monday blog-9 Monday blog-8

I didn’t see Mallards in the river all summer but there is a raft of them now…

Monday blog-7

Pura Vida!


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