43 Years!!

In honour of 43 years of wedded bliss… well .. DH reads my blog ya know! Love you, DH!! ๐Ÿ™‚

thurs blog cotd-2

I spent a wonderful weekend with girlfriends in Bear River with visits to Brier and Long Island, and Annapolis Royal. I will do a separate blog on that adventure..mild, low key but lovely adventure… didn’t want to raise your expectations! ๐Ÿ™‚

So yesterday, Porter asked if we could go look for spider webs. This guy’s memory is as good as mine is bad. I had mentioned weeks ago that it was best to look for webs in the fog or after a rain. So off we went to our neighbour’s property on the river.. jeesh.. I have permission .. lighten up! ย Porter was dressed in proper spider hunting attire.. fireman’s overalls, rubber boots, bike helmet and I was in my bird nerd costume.. a fine looking pair! As you can see, there were spider webs but I got distracted by Damselflies and Dragonflies and Porter found a wet mound of mud for extreme biking. I love summer and I love this guy who has such a love of life and adventure.

porter blog-7


I am very grateful to my neighbour who owns this property but doesn’t live there and has told me to go and enjoy it and take photos to my heart’s content. Some evenings I just go sit in this chair (of course with my camera) and soak in the setting sun and the peaceful river. Note the dot Eagle on the tallest tree on the horizon. This is it’s favourite perch and it doesn’t even move when I pass by in my kayak.


porter blog

In spite of the vapor trail you see from the bike on the grass, it got mired down each attempt but oh the fun of the attempt!



porter blog-2


Then came the clean up…



porter blog-3 porter blog-5


While Porter was BMXing, I was chasing down the zillion (just an estimate) Damselflies and Dragonflies on the river’s edge.

thurs blog-5 thurs blog-6


My favourite of my day lilies and I don’t know the name but that double blossom is spectacular.


thurs blog cotd

Pickerel Weed (thanks, Kim) on the river..



thurs blog-4



The first Clematis I planted on our property. The ‘trellis’ is the side from MY baby crib… an antique!

thurs blog-2


It’s that time of year again.. DH harvesting Chanterelles and coming up with gourmet recipes for them. I am afraid it is all wasted on me… give me a Portebello any day! I know, I know.. these are very expensive to buy and are a great delicacy but so is caviar (something else DH makes) and I feel the same way about it! Like I said 43 years of wedded bliss. ๐Ÿ™‚

thurs blog cotd-6


This cracks me up. Porter has the sweetest smile on the planet but whenever he poses for a picture this is his version of a smile.. EVERY time!! ๐Ÿ™‚ He had been playing with a bulldozer in the empty raised bed where the beautiful tomato plants used to be before Arthur blew something in and wiped out the lot.. sob, sob.

thurs blog


The last pic and wishes for peaceful summer evenings…

thurs blog-9

Pura Vida!





4 comments on “43 Years!!

  1. Michael Vanessa Bass says:

    Donna you’ve no idea how much I love receiving Nonna’s World. ( I’m a Baba btw) The beauty is wondrous. Thank you. Oh and happy anniversary!

  2. nonnathree03 says:

    Thank you for the lovely compliment, Baba! It surprises and thrills me that anyone reads, let alone enjoys my babbling. Have a great day!

  3. Jessie Geddes says:

    Love it as usual and Happy belated Anniversary. Porter sure is having a ball


  4. Kim Robertson Walker says:

    Happy Belated Anniversary. Love the photos and the story. Aren’t neighbours great who loan you their property to use. Am just catching up on my reading – has been a busy weekend.

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