100 and Counting

My 100th post!!!! And they said it wouldn’t last. 🙂

Had a great morning walk. I was up with the Robins and caught this one while the dew was still on the grass.

Tues. blog

The first time I have seen a Sapsucker since early spring. This guy has just captured breakfast.

Tues. blog-3

Only in my hood.. the goat lady. She and the goats had just walked a child to the bus stop. I love it! I think the goats are a tad spoiled.. really .. shouldn’t they be foraging for their own grass??

Tues. blog-2


Swamp Sparrow and Swamp Deer! Mama and baby Wood Ducks, Bog Cotton.. I think.


Tues. blog-6 Tues. blog-5

Tues. blog-4 Tues. blog-10


Grackle, Yellow-rumped Warbler, low river.. this is mid-summer level, Common Yellowthroat

Tues. blog-9 Tues. blog-8 Tues. blog-7 Tues. blog-11



Anyone know about Dragonflies? I need to get me an ID book!!

Tues. blog-13 Tues. blog-12


This guy took a minute off from raiding my bird feeders!


Tues. blog-14


For all you wanna be plant-based eaters, my supper menu: Bean Burgers, Red Cabbage Slaw, Oven baked sweet potatoes and carrots, sugarless rhubarb and strawberry sauce for dessert (sweetened with dates).

My plant-based eating hasn’t totally chilled me out. 🙂 This morning, I had an encounter with an aggressive, off-leash dog who growled and jumped on me, nipping my arm, totally ignoring his owner who was trying to stop him.  This was not a friendly, pay attention to me, encounter.  I became quite aggressive myself with the owner who of course, became defensive. He had let the dog out of the car, and said he didn’t see me there and since I was on private property, he didn’t expect to see anyone. I reminded him that he too was on private property and that he needed to have control over such an aggressive, large dog.. blah, blah, blah. Anyway, I ‘persuaded’ him to leash the dog until I got on the main road and he eventually offered profuse apologies. Kumbaya!

Pura Vida!



5 comments on “100 and Counting

  1. Michael Vanessa Bass says:

    Donna without my glasses and with your low river shot I thought you had captured a shot of a morning hippopotamus. Vanessa Also I love your photos and info. I’m glad you told off that dog owner.

  2. Marilyn cook says:

    Robins start at 4:30 outside my bedroom window, just after the raccoons stop their racket. You really are an early riser. Overrun with sapsuckers here if you want a few.
    And sorry to hear about the dog. I am a dog lover but also very fearful of dogs I do not know.
    I am anticipating trying the recipes you have shared.

  3. nonnathree03 says:

    I am on a ‘sleep is for the weak’ kick again! Knock on wood, the raccoons seem to be leaving us alone so far this year. I am not a dog lover but I’m not usually afraid of them. However, this dog was very surly and no amount of sweet talk from me or commands from his owner for that matter, was going to deter him from coming at me. Good luck with the recipes!

  4. Kim Robertson Walker says:

    Great shots, Now 100 wasn’t all that hard was it? Keep up the good work. Unfortunately sometimes people shouldn’t own dogs.

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