Good Times

There is nothing quite so satisfying as having your grown children voluntarily and happily (as far as I know.. hahaha) spend time with you. It makes all those times when you had to be the ‘parent’ rather than the ‘friend’ worthwhile.  And when they bring grandchildren for you to play with,  well that is very sweet!

DH and I took Kenzie and Quinn on a nature walk this morning which involved some looking for birds, following deer tracks and playing in any water along the way with found ‘walking sticks’… and no one lost an eye.. bonus!!

Converting the world to birding … one person at a time. DH still vehemently denies being a birder… what do you think?



Tracking deer.. my garden would be a great place to start!




A stop at the river where Kenzie discovered her boots have a leak… oops.




How cute is that??!!




Hmmm…. I thought it was a great Knock, Knock joke but my audience thought otherwise.




Hard to ever get a bad photo of this young lady, although the one before  this is a fair attempt. 🙂




There was Easter egg dyeing and craft apron decorating which as  you can see some took more seriously than others! Wink, wink.


114 116 119


DH has a new toy. He got a little electric tiller to use in our raised vegetable beds. It looks a bit awkward to me but he declares it to be a well worthwhile purchase. I planted one of my kitchen garden beds immediately even though DH told me the ground was still frozen after about 8″. I stuck with the cold weather crops of spinach, chard, lettuce, peas (sugar snap), kale and kohl rabi. I found a nifty planting guide for Nova Scotia and only jumped the gun by a couple of days.




Thrilled to have the Tree Swallows find my nesting box again and this Black-capped Chickadee has a friend in the background if you look closely.


090 031


I’ll save my ants in the house and flower garden woes for another time. Enjoy the rest of your Easter week-end.

Pura Vida!

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