Refused Admittance

Well, that was a first… refused admittance to a dump! 🙂  Several days ago, we went to the Brownsville dump (of Big Year movie fame) with Donnie and Helen. We were stopped at the gate and were told that the roads were not passable because of the amount of rain the two days previously. So another year with me not being the first one since 2010 to see a Tamaulipas Crow here! 🙂 There is also always a chance to see a couple of vagrant gulls.. Thayer’s or California in case you were really wanting to know. 🙂 They could have had a point…  (not us!)



So we had our picnic lunch at Sable Palm Sanctuary and saw a nesting Great Horned Owl! Good luck finding it!


We went to Oliveira Park until dusk to watch the hundred or more raucous  parrots come in to roost. We saw four different species but were looking for the Lilac Crowned and we ‘dipped’ (bird talk for missed it!) These two were smooching!


Yesterday we went to Rancho Lomitas, and hour west of here and were transported to a whole different habitat… scrub brush, tons of cactus, dusty and home to different species of birds than here. Love these Texas Longhorns!



My favourite bird of the day was this Black-throated Sparrow.


Spring is happening here in Mission.. first migratory birds going through and wildflowers blooming.


Happy Fence Friday…. I have been trying to upload photos and finally succeeded so this reference to Friday is behind the times!



Pura Vida!

One comment on “Refused Admittance

  1. lbidal says:

    Sad on the dump, WOW on the nesting owl, pretty bird, pretty bird on the parrots, and the cattle here in Africa look very much like the long horns there. Happy fence Friday! LOL

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