Sleeping Like a Baby

…. a colicky, cranky, homicidal baby!!  That will give you a hint as to how the Sleep Compression Therapy is going, four nights in. Each night has been progressively worse and I keep upping the ante by staying up later and later to try and achieve the going unconscious stage for the duration of my bed stay. I never had any trouble falling asleep.. few paragraphs of my book and zzzzzz, only to be wide awake 3-4ish for sometimes hours, reading again. Now, with no bed reading, my body says, ‘wtf, you know I need to be read to to go to sleep and when I wake up, you had better read to me too!’ Well, my potty mouthed body is not getting any reading in bed… part of the therapy.. and it says, ‘Ok, sister you will be not be able to get to sleep and when I wake up a few hours later, you will stay awake!’ I didn’t know I possessed such a willful, vindictive body! So another attempt to sleep from midnight to 6 a.m. tonight.  Oh, and the homicidal part…DH came close being strangled with dental floss (only weapon I could find) this morning when he got up at 4:00 and made coffee which he warms up in the microwave.. ping, ping, ping, ping…That was the end of my sleep so 4 hrs. was my measly sleep. The author whose method I am following took 14 days to get his body to cooperate before he could add 15 more minutes of bed time and another 14 more days for the next 15 min. and so on. He, like me, had a long standing problem and the retraining was brutal. My only fear is that I will have messed up the more than 4 hrs. I used to get!  Anyway, I will keep the faith and DH for a while longer! Stay tuned….

On another note, your weather in NS has been so bad this winter, I tried to hold back on complaining too much about here but it has been cold and damp a great deal of the time. SO… I think we are going to Nicaragua for Jan. and Feb. next winter where it is very warm and perhaps .. well for sure… great birds! We plan to come back to Texas for March. In theory and from past experience, it has been lovely and warm  in March. Having said that, we had a 50 degree drop in temps yesterday and today from two days ago. I walked at 3C this morning. I know, I know it is -20 in NS.

Had a fun time at Barnes and Noble this morning;



Apparently, after we leave Granada where we plan to spend the first month, we will not get by with English so we are going to try and learn some Latin American Spanish. We should  have been taking Spanish lessons down here for the last 5 years!!

Took a few bird photos on Sunday and haven’t been able to upload them until now. Our internet is often on the fritz.

The first bird is a Western Meadowlark in the field behind our trailer. They have been very vocal of late so I assume they are advertising for a mate. I caught this Purple Martin in Mission West and when I checked the bird book, found that he is supposed to be a summer visitor but there he was along with some buddies. The third pic is a Curve-billed Thrasher and there was only one when I put the camera up to take the pic but I see we were photo bombed! The last one is an Northern Mockingbird in the early morning light. They too are singing day and night!

015 008 005 002


Sweet dreams all of you lucky people who actually sleep… bitter and jealous but falling short of homicidal since my lovely cup of organic holy basil tea.

Pura Vida!


2 comments on “Sleeping Like a Baby

  1. Jessie Geddes says:

    Hate to tell you Donna but I have done this most of my life. It doesn’t bother me as much now I’m not working. Wendy is the same and when she works it’s not very nice to be awake from 3on. Hope you get better. If you do let us know the secret. I know as John Quilty would say dream killer. Nice pictures of the birds


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