Found the Hookers

Shame on you if you just peeked in to read about the hookers! 🙂  I went to a craft show in the park (oops.. RESORT) this afternoon and found out that there are a number of rug hookers in our midst. To see their wonderful work and chat hooker talk with them made me want to start up again. I haven’t hauled out my supplies for a long time and I loved it when I belonged to a club and hooked every week! Wink, wink! My group met in a church basement and one day we relocated at the last minute for some reason which escapes me. The pastor apparently was not amused when I tacked a sign to the church door saying, ‘hookers are meeting at Mary’s house today’. Gheesh … lighten up…. 🙂

I played a little pickle ball this afternoon with DH and no, that is not code for anything! I thought it would be very hard on my princess back but wasn’t bad for the few min. we played. I have made far too much fun of the game to actually give in and play it though. 🙂

“Our” garden is doing great. We are eating lettuce, chard, onions, and spinach out of it now… beets shortly.



I made split pea soup in the crock pot today and it was very yummy… didn’t miss the ham at all… honest! I didn’t have fresh thyme so used about a tsp. of dried, substituted a yellow onion for the shallots and I added a sweet potato and spinach. I chopped all the veggies in the food processor. I also added a tsp. of sea salt because my vegetable broth has none and wanted some saltiness and didn’t use the no salt substitute but suit yourself. Bon appetite!

Pura Vida!


3 comments on “Found the Hookers

  1. we have a group of hookers in my area too!

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