Roadrunner In A Tree??

Wile e coyote must have been around and Mr. Meep Meep Zoom ended up in a tree, not just in the lower branches, UP in the tree.. a first for me but I talked to other birders who have seen this before.



It is a beautiful sunny day in the Rio Grande Valley, second in a row.. record for this winter! Brother, Don, and I went biking to try and see the Hook-billed Kites that have been reported in a particular spot for the last few weeks. Sibleys says that they are rare and only a few pairs in North America and found in only this area. I saw one several years ago but there have been FIVE reported in this spot.. lots of scopes and big lenses so not hard to figure out where they are being seen! I saw one!!!!!!!!!! It was in my friend’s scope when I arrived but Don, got held up greeting people (which apparently I didn’t find necessary to do)  and it had moved out of sight before he got to the scope…. and it would  have been a lifer for him!  Oh well, next time.

On one of the starting to clear up and get a tad warmer days, DH and I went to a flea market and to show my determination to not gather ‘stuff’, we came away empty handed.



DH was tempted by the ‘greatest fishing tool ever’ but resisted. Don’t ask.. haven’t a clue what it was!



And a chance to add to your broken tools collection!



Whirligigs for your lawn perhaps… getting the picture of why it wasn’t a real test of my willpower? 🙂



How to pull down a tree, Texas style.. chain looped around bucket and tree.. back up the tractor… voila!

Going to get my finally warm butt outdoors for the rest of the afternoon.. luckily Olympic coverage sucks here!

Pura Vida!

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