Meanwhile Back At The Parade

Beautiful sunrise this morning. I am so thankful to have a walking buddy to motivate me EVERY morning to hit the pavement at 7 a.m.



Meanwhile back at the parade……….

First up… the Citrus Fiesta royalty. Yes, royalty… no comment!



The choosing of the royalty is a long and very serious process. I will not judge. I will not judge. I will not judge…



A prince? A pope in waiting? A little boy whose mother said, ‘it will be fun. No, really, you look great’!



Cowgirl cheerleaders, one of many groups of cheerleaders. I will not judge.. I will not judge… I will not judge…



Skeet and trap shooting club. Lots of guns in this parade. I will not judge…….



Some great school bands!



Hey (hay), you are in a parade, young lady! Wave to me!! 🙂



There were many, many duchesses in very fancy dresses which were required to match the colour of the ‘produce’ they were representing. Yep, you guessed it..  duchess of the orange!



Pretty impressive. All the decorations on this float are citrus and other produce. Man, the work!


2 comments on “Meanwhile Back At The Parade

  1. lbidal says:

    Thou dost judge too much me thinks! LOL 😉

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