Another One Crossed Off

Yessiree, I attended my first and last Winter Texan’s Health Expo! It started out as DH and I entered the door of the McAllen Convention Center. There were a number of events going on at the Center but the young lady at the door took one look at us and said, ” all the way down the hall and turn left”. She could have at least asked which event we were there for!! Sure enough that’s where the ‘seniors’ were lined  up to get in … hundreds, and hundreds of white heads!  I almost turned and ran. I don’t belong here… I have an ipod, I lift weights, I travel, I walk (fast!), I blog for gawd’s sake!

Well, I got over my little moment of panic and was handed a bag to fill with reams of useless paper from the vendors at the event and a card to get stamped by said vendors for the possibility of winning a trip to Vegas. Look at all those crazy people lining up to get the card stamped and jostling for position at the booths that had the best giveaways. Well in two seconds flat I turned into one of them, sizing up which ones I could take out in a heartbeat!!!!!! My competitive nature took over as I jostled with the best of them! I almost bought a gizmo that makes salsa in 3 sec.! I did have the presence of mind not to bring home too much paper but I caught a glimpse of my crowd mentality self that was an eye opener!


My competition… err… my fellow seekers of good health.. after all it WAS a Health Expo!



The beautiful, zen-like outside of the  convention center belies what is happening within! 🙂

The flowers here in arid South Texas aren’t as plentiful as at some other warm winter destinations but there are a few beauties.

011 002



My ‘street’ in the park.. oops… resort!



The back of our trailer… oops… RV… borders firstly on a dog agility run (for park..oops.. resort dogs) and then a Brahma cattle ranch. We sit out here and can ignore that there are people all around us. If we want to acknowledge there are people all around us, we can go to our front ‘yard’. Best of both worlds!

I know there is a blizzard going on in NS so I won’t say anything about there being frost here this morning.

Pura Vida!


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