Burn Baby Burn Or How to Help Pollute The Planet

One of the rituals around here is the burning of the sugar cane fields. Today was pre-harvest burning to rid the crop of dead leaves and “trash” before harvesting. Clouds of black smoke billow up and lovely black ash lands everywhere. We are close enough to some fields to enjoy the ash fall out.



The fire is started by some kind of blow torch from the tractor. Note the loudspeakers on top of the tractor. These fields are very close to the Rio Grande River, thus Mexico, and illegals are crossing the river on an almost daily basis and sometimes hide in the fields for awhile. So there is a recording playing  in Spanish and English warning that they are going to burn the fields and telling any listeners that they are not immigration officials. Meanwhile, the Border Patrol are a few hundred yards down the road waiting to nab anyone who is flushed out!! Apparently there has been no one burned to death in the fields for 7 yrs. but it used to be a common occurrence. Awful!!

026 052 007


The process.

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DH’s garden. I only cheer him on so I cannot take any credit. It astounds me how fantastic everything grows in that gray clay! The lettuce and onions were planted as sets. The little garden mix plants were obviously planted from seed but only 10 days ago!! Should have put out a warning for anyone with OCD not to look at the crooked rows of the mixed lettuce. 🙂



OK, I am going to stop regaling you with tales of cheap produce here ( remember, I have made rash promises to you before) but you have to hear this. The red cabbages were 2 for a dollar today and the green ones were 4 for a dollar!! The jicama was 80ish cents!! Is it just me or does that jicama look like it has a nipple? Time to stop blogging when….

Pura Vida!

2 comments on “Burn Baby Burn Or How to Help Pollute The Planet

  1. lbidal says:

    A nipple! HAH! Sounds like Mexico is not so much different from here…they burn the long grass to ward off lions (as if there are any left to worry about), they burn all their garbage in the streets (plastic water bottles included with all of the wonderful carcinogens) and the whole country is one big dust ball!

    • nonnathree03 says:

      Constant dust here too! I hear gunfire too but not as alarming as yours. It is usually from gun ranges or a little skirmish between drug factions across the river in Mexico.

      Sent from my iPod

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