Meep, Meep, Zoom!

Got my first Roadrunner sighting of 2014! I always  think of the cartoon version whenever I see this guy!





House Finch… looks so much like our Purple Finch. Some areas of NS have these House Finches as well.



Bad picture of a good bird! This Red-naped Sapsucker (male) is not usually found in Eastern North America, except in South Dakota. It is the second winter it has been found in the birding park next door. This was my 4th hunt for it this year… Eureka!



Cannot get enough of Green Jays!


Leaf- cutter Ants gathered up these leaves. It is amazing to watch them carry the leaves that are way bigger than them for great distances.



Speaking of ants. Red Ants have made these mounds on one of my bicycle paths in the birding park. These little beggars give a nasty bite!



Holy crap! I should have expected to see Wile e Coyote after seeing the Roadrunner but I didn’t!! Surprised the heck out of me. I’ve never seen one in the birding park before! He gave up first in our game of chicken… thankfully!

That’s it for today’s adventures!

Pura Vida!


2 comments on “Meep, Meep, Zoom!

  1. lbidal says:

    Love the green jays! And Kudos on finding a not so common bird while there!

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