Consolation Prize

Well, I didn’t twitch on the Bean Goose in Yarmouth.. yet.. but I got closer to the Pink-footed Goose than my previous two sightings and it IS a rare Goose to NS.  I am going to be babysitting in the Valley on Thurs. and Fri. and Yarmouth is ONLY 2 hrs. away.. and the goose is still on the golf course.. just sayin’!  Hey, kids how about a road trip. It’ll be fun.. 4 hrs. in the car and one hour at the golf course watching me take pictures of a goose…. no, really.. it’ll be fun!!


Hello, I’m a Pink-footed Goose. Canada Goose..”what the hell are  you doing here?”

Well, boys and girls, I have finished wrapping and bagging all my Christmas gifts including the ones for the Christmas Eve annual outdoor treasure hunt. Could I hear some applause, please?! That sounded more like a groan to me. I have also printed off labels for my Christmas cards and written my annual letter and plan to get them out before Costa Rica. The few snow flakes here and there are giving my some motivation along with thinking of how little time I will have when we get home to do any of  this!!

I didn’t get any pics today so these are from a few days ago.


Starlings at Hartlen Point near an old Osprey nest.


These gals greeted me on my walk a few mornings ago.




This white-necked Goose is a Canada Goose that lacks pigmentation in most of the neck. The term for this pigmentation abnormality  is leucistic.

Pura Vida!

One comment on “Consolation Prize

  1. Kim Robertson Walker says:

    I think you should scoot down to Yarmouth. Mr Bean is so friendly you won’t need an hour to photograph him! LOL!

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