iPod Entry.. Fail

I just got back today from St. John visiting with my friend, Suze. I painfully one- finger typed on that minuscule keyboard on my iPod and even sent a picture taken on my iPod and published a post to this blog. I was patting myself on the back and feeling very smug at my technological prowess. I can see a preview of the post and it says it was published but alas no post here… just shows  up on my iPod… back to the drawing board.   This was a test run for when I am away in Costa Rica so if anyone has any more tech knowledge than me about how to accomplish this ( that would be ANY knowledge), please let me know!

You will just have to take my word for it… brilliant post….. best yet! 🙂  I did make a humble apology for misnaming a flower on my last post. My friend, Hazel, caught my oops.. thanks, sis! I had an elaborate explanation that involved blaming my friend, Suze, (my budding botanist, birding, buddy) for the error but I cannot go through all that again.. just know that no mistake is ever my fault! 🙂 Oh, btw, it was the flower that was named Angelica… really Queen Anne’s Lace… hangs head in shame!

Suze and I had a great few days birding at her favourite haunts around St. John. I am quite sure I got a Red Knot but no pic to prove it.. well I do, but it is so far away that it could be mistaken for a speck on my lens!

Just in case  you have the  impression that I am a bird freak ( OK.. there was that little confession on my part to being a birdaholic), you should read the book that I just finished,  Birding On Borrowed Time by Phoebe (I kid you not) Snetsinger ( .. well, maybe  you would have to be a bird freak to read this book). Anyway, this woman in her early 30’s was diagnosed with terminal malignant melanoma and given 6 months to live. She decided to spend whatever time she had left tracking down as many species of birds she could.She traveled all over the world (did I mention she was independently wealthy?) and saw more species of birds than any other human in history. She saw over 8000 species which is 83% of bird species in existence in the world! She was killed in a bus accident while on a birding trip at age 68. She left three children and a husband at home for most of the  year, EVERY year and kept on going to dangerous places even after being gang raped on one of her trips! I take back my confession to being a birdaholic. I am a mere dabbler, a neophyte, only slightly freaky compared to Miss Phoebe!

Meanwhile back in St.John….The Milledgeville area where I was has a huge urban deer problem complete with confirmed cases of Lymes Disease.


There she was just a walkin down the street… doo wa diddy…  EARWORM!


…. closely followed by her babe

It was very chilly for a couple of days, only warming up today to rain. We had a nice variety of woodland birds and shorebirds but most of all, some great fresh air and exercise … lifting bins and camera qualify as exercise … right?


How cute are these Semi-Palmated Sandpipers huddling against the cold wind?


Northern Shoveler


Juvenile White-throated Sparrow.. I think.. maybe Song?


Suze’s back yard is the most gorgeous, peaceful place. This is only a small section… lucky birds!


White Phlox… honest… I know it will take some time to restore my credibility!

How about that men’s final match at the US Open??!!  Epic… a 54 shot rally!!

I think I will bury my head in the sand for awhile and not look at the news… Syria chemical weapons, USA poised to strike, Russia’s gay rights stand, the insane Charter of Quebec values… on and on…. too much!!

Sweet dreams!

Pura Vida



One comment on “iPod Entry.. Fail

  1. Hazel says:

    Angelica, Queen Anne’s Lace…what’s in a name? The point is that it’s a gorgeous wildflower and you were out there seeing it!!!

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