We have had rain off and on for a couple of days but a glorious morning this morning. Suze is visiting and we went to Hartlen Point this morning birding.. very slow on the birding front but lovely nevertheless. We had a picnic lunch and MacCormick’s Beach and made our way slowly home by way of Rainbow Haven Beach Park with the skies threatening.


The threatening sky


… and it was no idle threat!

Suze and I have both been very busy so we decided to put on our PJ’s in the middle of the afternoon and settle in with our books and maybe a little nap… such a treat!! Thank  you rain!


Mega cropped horrible pic of a far away bird that I think is a Savannah Sparrow but something just isn’t right about it. Hope someone in the NSBS can give me a positive ID


The cranberries are starting to ripen


Random photo… look at my new stainless steel straw! Thank you, Kara!

Now that we have roused to get our supper, we are going back to our respective sofas for a movie! Tough life!

Pura Vida

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