Shades of Brown

Great to wake up to the pitter patter of little feet.. and no, DH wasn’t doing a washroom run! Quinn has the best smile and giggle. I defy you not to giggle along with him even if you have no idea what tickled his fancy.

The guys went to an exhibition football game between Mt.A and SMU today while I stayed home and made muffins, bread, and granola (sigh, martyr, martyr).. yep.. hitting the road again. My friend, Suze, is coming to visit .. by visit, I mean go birding.. this week for a few days and I am returning with her to St. John to visit.. and by visit, I mean go birding …. for a few days! So Miss Gluten Free had to do her usual pre-travel prep.


Shades of Brown

Then I spent some time getting Costa Rica information organized. Still seems unreal that we will be actually going to this birding mecca in Nov. I must see if I can get this blog set up so that I can post from my iPod while I’m there.  THAT will be testing the limits of my tech abilities!

I went walking on the Shubenacadie River Canal #6 path this afternoon for the first time in weeks. The mosquitoes have been SO bad!  Only got a few bites today and didn’t see anything exciting but good to see the usuals after a few weeks absence.


Red-breasted Nuthatch


Red-eyed Vireo

Meant to share this earlier. I was reading an old Richard Scarry book to Porter in a doctor’s office when I came across this little gem. “Grocer Cat (daddy) bought a new dress for Mommy. She earned it by taking such good care of the house.” Porter will never know that was in the book until he learns to read it himself!

Another sign of fall in my yard… lots of inedible apples ripening. Inedible to me.. the deer love to eat them.. and my phlox, and my hostas, …and my hydrangea… on and on it goes.


Deer Magnets

Off to do my back excercises. I will be mindful and grateful that I am able to do them OR whine and wimp my way through them.

Pura Vida


2 comments on “Shades of Brown

  1. Denise Smith says:

    Had a chuckle over “Grocer Cat’s” noble gesture! It must have been a really old version, most of those Richard Scarry books have been revised. We have an old one with a picture of a little French Canadian boy hunting seals and turning their pelts into fur coats. Thanks for sharing!

  2. nonnathree03 says:

    Oh.. glad to hear they have revised them! Kara has the one we had for her. I must have a look to see if there are more of these gems in it. I probably read this stuff in the early 70’s with nary a thought!

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